Factors That Cause A Black Toenail

By Cody Fortune
Every person has probably seen or even suffered from a black toenail. This painful little foot injury is very common among people who like to move a lot. It is fairly easy to treat as it is not a chronic ailment. However, if it is not attended to early, then it might turn into something serious.

There are many reasons in which one may get darkened toenails. The discoloration of this part is actually mainly because of a clot of a large amount of blood in the area under the nail. Of course the main cause would be that a large amount of force was put on the toe.

Athletes are very prone to blood clotting because of the excess pressure that they put on their feet. When their toes brush hard against their sneakers when they make fast leg movements, it sometimes presses too hard and cause circulation problems. Of course another cause would be when something heavy would fall down on the toe of a person. This not only causes a clot but also a bruise and a wound.

Another common cause of a tainted toenail would actually be the growth of fungi. Usually, fungus would thrive in the skin right under the nail. When this happens, the blood circulation is disrupted and would cause a lot of pain and even sometimes infections.

People who experience this injury often would just leave it alone and let the damaged nail come off on its own. However, there are instances when pain is actually present. Now when the discomfort increases because of swelling, people usually apply ice packs to lessen the swell. Another thing to do to reduce the throbbing is to have a foot bath with warm water and some Epsom salts.

As for infections because of fungus, an anti fungal medicine will do. If one does not like to use drugs, then using mouthwash may be used as an alternative. This is because it contains ingredients that are known to kill most types of fungus. When it becomes too much to handle, then the best thing would be to visit a doctor.

These are the causes and some cures of a black toenail. Usually, this kind of injury can be treated at home with some of the methods mentioned above and a lot of rest. There are some cases though that end up bad and need medical attention quickly.

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